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a bit from my nano.

I know I missed last weeks post because I was focused on my Nano for this year and to be honest I ran out of stuff I had prewritten.  So any thing that follows this post will be all new stuff but it may be a bit before I get any thing up depending on how my writing goes.  I’m a little burned out due to the Nano but I will try to get something up next week.  If your wondering what Nano is check out http://www.nanowrimo.org.  Here is a bit from this years Nano, the rest need lots of editing and cleaning up before I post it here.  My Nano is a satire of the life of a World of Warcraft character and this is the life of my auctioneer character.

the life of Iba. Yea yea the lights go up I’m standing in The Exodar by the mail box by the auction house. Just like I am every time the lights of up or down. Oh looky I got mail just like every time the lights go up. Lets see fourteen mail from the alliance auction house with expired auctions seven successful auctions, well at least those will have coin in them, most of which I’ll mail away to Sno, Death or Panda and a few others. Well ten percent is mine but most of my profits get mailed to some Yarri chick that doesn’t even show up on the books she must be an extortionist. She sends me crap to auction too and all that money goes to her when ever she wants it otherwise I just hold it for her. Look theres a package from her now. Lets see whats inside. Well a note telling me to sell this in the auction house, theres a stack of knothide leather scraps, two stacks of knothide leather, a malachite, and four stacks of light leather. Light leather, I haven’t seen light leather from her in about a year she must have been out power leveling a baby character. Here is a package from Panda. Lets see there is usually good stuff in Pandas packages. Astralaan orb of the invoker, Kunzite necklace of intellect, Retro-spike club of the gorilla, Eldr’naan bracelets of intellect, two bundles of netherweave cloth, and a Permafrost dagger of the whale. Those ought to sell great, but where do they come up with those names? A note from Yaari saying to send so and so three hundred fifty gold and to mark it in the books as a loan, no interest. What am I First Charity bank of Azaroth? She really needs to start charging interest on her loans. Well thats the end of the mail for now. Over to the auction house to put these in. Haven’t they heard of stairs someones going to bust their butt going down this ramp carrying all the crap they have for auction. Which teller should I head to today? Eoch, Iressa, or Fanin? I guess I’ll go to see Iressa shes kind of cute and I like her she is quick with the lists. Well let me start with the leathers. Light leathers bringing in a few coins lets see Lowpricesam has the low price of course, well I’ll undercut him by about twenty five percent on his opening bid and match his buyout price so I don’t drive the market down on these but it will put mine at the top of the lists and people usually buy from the top down the list. There we go and the same procedure for the knothides and the malachite. Well now to look up and see what the prices for the items are going for look for the level range of the items in their class of item and see what similar items are going for and match or undercut the price as I see fit. I figure they will sell at those prices. I’d like to figure out where they come up with the deposit amounts some are insane and others are so cheap. I think they pull them out of the air. Speaking of air yo you at the key board controlling all of this I would like to get out and get some fresh air and get away from this incessant hum in here its driving me batty. Ah here we go up the ramp hey look I’m headed to the ramps outside nope turning around to the mailbox again. Well here I am standing at the mailbox again you fucking tease. I want to go out and adventure like the rest of the world. Let me get out of here, asshole. Damn there go the lights again.


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backstory for Shadout and Rhafallia part 7

The Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia is a work of erotica and will be tagged as such.  If you are offended by such works do not read any of the Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia posts and READ NO FARTHER.  If you do like erotica, enjoy and please comment.

Very well, my Pet, you can earn the right to go look at your collars pendant, but first you must pleasure me with your mouth and just so you don’t sneak in a quick feel of the pendant put your hands behind your back and don’t move them. This is your first lesson in bondage, not all bondage uses ropes and chains.” He came around her side and unfastening the belt and sporran to his heavy leather kilt. Tossing both on to the cot he let his kilt fall to the floor as he finished rounding Rhafallia and now stood directly in front of her, his cock peaking out from its furry sheath at her. He caught her chin in his grip bringing it up so her eyes met his, he licked his lips and mouthed a silent, “I love you.” to her and let his hand slide up her cheek to wrap around the back of her head and press her head towards his crotch.

Rhafallia moistened her lips and laid her whiskers back against the sides of her cheeks. She leaned forward, flicking her tongue out to touch the pink head of his cock that stuck out of his sheath. Kissing the exposed flesh she coaxed it out more.

His cock grew and slid from its sheath. His scrotum extended down as his sheath retracted to its minimum. Shadout growled his pleasure and still holding her head he shifted to the side so he could sit on the seat of the healers cot. Lowering himself and guiding her head gently down to the seat he let go of her head as soon as was settled. Noting her odd twist in her posture he said, “you may shift to face me.”

She did so, as she did drew his foreskin and glans in between her lips with a gentle sucking motion. When her knees were squared up to Lord Shadout she lowered her head ever so slowly sucking him in to the warm recesses of her mouth. Rhafallia carefully kept her teeth back as she pulled him in but her rough moist tongue attacked the shaft as it invaded her long mouth. Rhafallia’s lips touched the base of his shaft, bottoming out and the head just touching the back of her deep mouth almost in to her throat. She thought, “If Master Shadout were any longer I could be in trouble.” As the glans tickled her gag reflex. She started to bob up and down on the entire length of his shaft holding her lips tight to it. She slowly rose and fell on it her tongue swapping sides and top and bottom of his shaft with each stroke. She experimented with tongue positions and stroke speed as she bobbed up and down in his crotch till she found one that she felt from Lord Shadout’s body reactions and vocalizations to be the one bringing him the most pleasure. It seemed that Master Shadout liked a long slow pull up with lots of suction and the tongue on the bottom of his shaft till the tongue reached the foreskin where it made a quick trip around the glans then a sudden plunge down deep in to Rhafallia’s wet mouth to start the long slow pull again. Rhafallia completed five such repetitions after figuring it to be the most pleasurable for Master Shadout when she tasted the pleasant salty bitterness of his precum and felt a hand at the back of her head.

Grabbing the hair on the back of Rhafallia’s head Lord Shadout lifted her off his cock. “Easy there we don’t want this to go to quickly, do we?”

“No, Master, I guess we don’t.” She said with a hint of sadness in her voice and a look of craving on her face. She kissed the tip of his phallus sucking off the little droplet of cum resting there then nibbled down the length of his shaft with feather light bites to the retracted sheath and past it to the scrotum where she suckled on each furry nut for a few moments before drawing the full nut sack in to her muzzle to lather it with her tongue. She used her tongue to separate and bring together his testicles. She nibbled ever so gently on the firm spheres in their furry pouch. Master Shadout growled with pleasure and passion.

After a bit of this teasing Master Shadout reached down with both hands and grabbed the furry ruffs just below her ears and off her cheeks, using these as handles he pulled Rhafallia off his nut sack each nut leaving her mouth with a little pop. Lifting her head slightly he lined up his shaft with her mouth, driving forward with his hip and pulling with his hands he thrust in to her mouth. She just barely getting her sharp teeth out of the way but clamping her lips tight to his shaft. He drove the full length of his shaft in this time getting a little in to her throat. He had gotten a little longer as she had sucked on his scrotum, now he was fully aroused, she coughed a bit as he hit her gag reflex for a mere second. He drew out quickly and thrust in again, over and over and over again. His grunts and growls getting more feral with each rough thrust.

Rhafallia’s hands came forward to catch her balance on the healers cot.

“Put those hands back now!” Lord Shadout snapped squeezing her ruffs causing the fur to pull at the edges and her to wince.

She released her grip on the cot and placed her hand back behind her back.

He continued to thrust hard in to her mouth for ten or so more thrusts then relaxed on to the healers cot’s backrest pulling out of her mouth. “Finish me off now.” He panted.

She coughed again and said. “Yes, Master.” She lowered her head back to his groin to plant a kiss on to the crown of his phallus. Adjusting her jaw she restarted the rhythm she had found that Master had seemed to like best..

He laid back and purred softly with his eyes closed

Rhafallia dropped down on his fully erect shaft her lips meeting the retracted sheath and his crown pressing in to her throat. She pressed her tongue to the bottom of his shaft and sliding it out in between his retracted sheath and shaft flicking the sensitive under there.

Shadout lifted out of the seat with this stimulation. “Ah ah ah that feels incredible.”

She ran her tongue in the tight sheath till she felt his shaft twitch. The salty bitterness of a second round of precum warned her that Master was about to cum. Rhafallia drew back slowly with a firm milking sucking motion and was rewarded with an eruption of hot seed from her new Masters cock. She swallowed the first burst quickly and chased Master Shadout’s cock down as he fell back to the seat. Rhafallia lost contact with his hard shaft for a moment and the second burst if seed hit on the left cheek sticking to her fur and whiskers. She flared her whiskers in reflex, the stiff bristles tickling Lord Shadout’s thigh as she recaptured his stiff jumping phallus pulling it between her lips and milking the rest of his ejaculate from the hard member.

Shadout relaxed and sighed in to the seat. He reached forward and started petting Rhafallia’s head that had settled down to his thigh and was slowing licking the extending sheath as his cock softened and resheathed itself, his balls retracting in to their pouch. “Okay you can go look at your new collar.”

Rhafallia jumped up to her feet licking her whiskers clean as she did. She rounded the cot and got close to the mirror her hands grabbing at the silver chain and following it to the pendant that rested just above her shallow cleavage. She gazed at her reflection seeing that the pendant was a little silver lock. She noted the lock was about three quarters of an inch across and about an inch high with a depth of a quarter inch. Five small rivets held the faceplate on and the small keyhole was centered in the faceplate. “A lock this small must take a master craftsmen?” Rhafallia said as she saw Master Shadout stand up behind her and dangle a tiny set of keys back behind her so she could see them in the mirror.

“This will have to do till we can get you a real collar. Maybe in the spring when Lar”Ell wakes up we will have her make one custom, not just something she had laying about?” Master Shadout said. “Of course thats if we make it through the provisional period.”

“We will Master I can feel it in my heart.”

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Backstory for Shadout and Rhafallia Part 6

I just got a new computer, a gift from my roommate, I thought I transferred all my writings over to it.  Well this morning I discovered that the Backstory for Shadout and Rhafallia had not made it to the new machine.  We had removed a bunch of hardware from the old machine and I was not sure it would boot up any more.  Cause for much panic.  Well I set it up and turned it on, thank the Goddess, It worked and my stories were still there.  I transferred them to a thumb drive and got them over here to the new machine.  So after my morning heart attack here is this weeks post.

The Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia is a work of erotica and will be tagged as such.  If you are offended by such works do not read any of the Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia posts and READ NO FARTHER.  If you do like erotica, enjoy and please comment.

Then I accept you.” He leaned down and kissed her lips pressing his tongue between her lips. He enfolded his arms around her and drew her up out of her kneel and leaned her back as turned their heads in a lip locked embrace. Slowly he lowered his right hand down her back, across her taught ass cheek and down to her knees. Hooking both of them in to the crook of his arm he lifted her as he stood up from the stool still holding her lips in the enpassioned kiss. Turning away from their half eaten breakfast he carried her gently across the room to the healers cot and then gently set her to her feet breaking the kiss as he set her down. “Off with those clothes.” He ordered grabbing the hem of her sweater and lifting it up over her delicate small breast and passed her face as she raised her arms to allow the woolen garment to come of with a bit of snapping and crackling of static electricity that made her fur stand on end. With a light touch to Rhafallia’s pink nipple Lord Shadout discharged the electricity making her jump and grab her breast protectively. Shadout chuckled, “I see I will need to train my newest Pet.”

“Yes, Sir.” She replied lowering her hand and her eyes slightly

“Its okay I wont fault you for untrained responses or other Masters training yet though there will be a day soon when you are trained that a move like that could get you a punishment. Your body is mine to do with as I please now. I suppose we should give you some thing to mark you as mine. Get those leggings off and kneel by the cot while I find something.” He let go of her kissing her lightly as he did he then went to the workroom.

Rhafallia sat on the healers cot after pulling down her tights and then pulled them off her legs. Tossing them over to the discarded sweater she stretched her lithe legs and slid forward of the cot on to a kneel leaving her tail straight behind her but her head up high. After a few minutes of shuffling sounds she heard Lord Shadout returning to the room where she knelt. At the last instant she remembered her tail and coiled it about her waist as her Lord entered the room he had something in his hand but she could not tell what it was.

“This will have to do.” He said as he entered the room and approached Rhafallia. “Rhafallia, do you freely submit yourself to my control of your own free will?” He asked when he reached her kneeling form.

“Yes, Sir. I do.” She proudly replied.

“Do you, Rhafallia, agree to follow my commands and know that I only have your best interest at heart?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Lord Shadout walked behind her and looped a thin silver chain around Rhafallia’s delicate throat. “Rhafallia do you give your body, heart, mind, and soul to my discipline, training and pleasure?” He asked adding. “This is the last time I will ask.”

“I do, Sir, I do.” She felt the chain tighten about her throat for a moment, she heard a light click, Lord Shadout turned the chain around on her neck and placed what felt to be a small pendant against her breastbone. Rhafallia reached up to feel it but Shadout stopped her with a simple little “Ut” sound and she dropped her hand back to her thigh.

“I see that I’m going to need to control those hands, my Sweet?” He said with a slight chuckle in his voice.

“Yes, Sir.”she responded.

“You may also call me Master now that you wear my collar. Either is okay with me though I think during this early period in your training I would prefer Master.”

She smiled brightly and and said, “Yes, Master. It will be my honor to call you Master.” Her hand drifted up again to feel the new weight at her throat not quite making it before Lord Shadout tapped it down with a flick of his finger. She returned her wrist to her thigh. “I’m sorry, Master. It has me curious as to what the pendant looks like. I can feel that it is heavy against my breast but I can not feel if there is any texture. Is it a gem stone, a locket, or a pendant or what? Master, I’m dieing to know.”

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Back story for Shadout and Rhafallia part 5


The Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia is a work of erotica and will be tagged as such.  If you are offended by such works do not read any of the Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia posts and READ NO FARTHER.  If you do like erotica, enjoy and please comment.


Shadout opened the door and saw a waist high wall of snow. He made his first attack from the entryway plunging the shovel deep in to the wall and grunting as he lifted, throwing the snow forward and to the right of the door. The next load went to the left and he had his pace set plunging, lifting throwing right then left he started his war to reach the street. After eight or so repetitions he had a foothold big enough that he was able to close the door behind himself.

Meanwhile Rhafallia gathered the oats, raisins and some of the bacon from the pantry bringing them out to one of the low stools near the stove. After setting them down she got a deep pan and a skillet out. She filled the pan with water and set it atop the stove to the back. On the front of the stove went the skillet in that she placed the bacon. Opening the door to the wood stove she checked the fire and added another log to it. She started humming a soft tune as the bacons aroma began to fill the room and steam started to emerge from the pot of water. Rhafallia measured in three good sized handfuls of oats in to the kettle and then shook the oats that stuck in her fur loose in to the boiling water. Placing a lid on the pot she gathered the bag of oats and tied it. Picking it up she drifted toward the window to look out at Lord Shadout’s progress in his war with the snow. Seeing he had only made a dozen or less paces from the front stoop and was now battling a nearly head high drift that crossed the yard she knew he was going to be hungry and cold when she called him in. She turned and walked to the pantry putting the oats on the shelf where they belonged. She heard a sudden hiss from the other room running out there she found the kettle boiling over. Running to the stove she grabbed the lid and quickly blowing across the top producing another hiss as foamy water hit the top of the hot stove then receded in to the pot to reveal the oats at a rolling boil. Setting the lid aside she picked up a fork and poked and prodded the sizzling lump of bacon in to individual pieces. Getting a ladle she stirred the oats, they needed to boil a while more. She hummed some more while she got the tea kettle filled up and squeezed it on to the corner of the stove. After turning the bacon she drifted over to the window again, Lord Shadout leaned against his shovel panting and looking back at the half inch or so of fresh snow that had filled in his trench behind him. The drift ahead of him still looked imposing. The work gang in the street was now about two houses down the road there were ten of them so they could spell each other and work continuously. Their blue cloaks marked them as members of the local garrison house. Rhafallia thought aloud. “It’s good to see them earning their coins now. Not that they didn’t earn them when Lord Tormak attacked last spring.” The odor of the bacon reminded her that she had food on the stove so she went to tend it. Finding the oats a thick boiling mass and the bacon nicely crisp she grabbed a heavy towel and used it to remove the hot pot and skillet from the stove to the low stool. Grabbing a handful of raisins and stirring them in to the oats. She got out two bowls and a plate from the cupboard placing them on to another stool she transfered the bacon to the plate with the fork. She retrieved their mugs from beside the healers cot where they had had their evening tea last night. She went to the door, opened it and splashed the dregs of last nights tea on to the side of the snow trench. “My Lord! Breakfast is prepared. Your war with the drift can wait till after a hot meal is in your belly I’m sure, Sir.” She chuckled softly.

“Thank you.” Shadout laughed as he started back toward the door using the shovel as a plow to push the new fallen snow out of his way. On the stoop he jumped up, landing hard, to knock the snow from his heavy cloth cloak and boots then shook out his mane before entering the warm house with Rhafallia close behind him. She flicked her feet as she entered so as not to track in snow herself. Rhafallia helped him with his cloak and hung it on the peg as he slid his boots off and carried them to over to the wood stove to set them by it. The heat of the wood stove almost instantly melted the remaining snow stuck in Shadout’s mane sending a cold stream of water down his back and causing his mane to fall wet against his head. “Ohhh! Damn thats cold!” he bristled his fur and shook the water loose then turned his back to the stove.


Rhafallia went over to the stool they used as a table and knelt by it.

Lord Shadout sat on the floor cross legged at the stool. “I got to get Lar”Ell, a table for this room. She lives in her work room I think.” Shadout commented.

Rhafallia got a bowl and ladled in two steaming scoops of oats and raisins. Then presented it to Lord Shadout with both hands and her head bowed. He accepted it with a nod of his head and she set it on the stool. Next came the bacon plate with the same ritual. Lord Shadout tasted the oats and then nodded to Rhafallia and she served herself and made them each a mug of tea.

“This is good. I see by the way you are serving that you have been thinking about what we talked about last night. Do you really want to become my submissive?” Lord Shadout asked about midway through their meal.

Rhafallia swallowed her latest bite of bacon harder then she planned causing her to cough for a moment. “Yes Sir.” She replied when she recovered herself.

“Then come over here and kneel properly.” He pointed to the spot on the floor between his feet.

She put down her piece of bacon and crawled the few feet to where he pointed and knelt taking care to get her back straight, her ass cheeks squarely on her heels, tail straight behind her. She placed the back of her wrists against the inside of her slightly spread thighs curling her fingers about half closed. Rhafallia cast her eyes down, bowing her head, she picked a spot on the floor to stare at that looked just past the edge of Lord Shadout’s kilt.

“Very close to a proper kneel. I’m sure other Masters wanted it that way but I require two changes. First wrap your tail around your waist like a belt. If I am walking around you I don’t want to trip on it or have to step over it every time I am behind you. If I want it straightened I will tell you too.”

Rhafallia’s tail coiled around her waist as he spoke.

“Good positioning of your tail, but don’t move when I am speaking to you unless I tell you too. Leave it there now that its there.” Lord Shadout grabbed her chin and lifted it with a gentle caress. “The second change I require is your head is to be held high and proud unless you have done something to disgrace me. Your eyes should be up and attentive unless again you have done something to disgrace me. There will be times when I want your eyes down and I will tell you when. I am willing to take you under a provisional collar, think of it as a trial period for both of us at anytime during the provisional period either of us can walk away with no explanation needed. Do you accept this?”

Rhafallia nodded in to Shadout’s cupped hand on her chin and her eyes glowed with tears of gladness and pride “Yes, Sir, yes, Sir I accept.”


(Authors note: there goes that funky messing with my font thing again I need to search the FAQs or write them or something.  Croaker)



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Backstory for Shadout and Rhaffalia part 4

I know I got a hole in the story.  This is where I hit a hard writers block during the Nanowritmo.  I’m still stuck as what to fill in there with but as soon as I get it written I will post it here.


The Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia is a work of erotica and will be tagged as such.  If you are offended by such works do not read any of the Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia posts and READ NO FARTHER.  If you do like erotica, enjoy and please comment.




Well, Sir, I would dearly love to have a Master but one that understands that I can love more then one person at a time and I want him to love others as well and none of the Masters here can seem to handle that.” She said taking her cue from Lord Shadout and getting a drink from her mug. The liquid felt smooth and thick, like warm velvet flowing down her throat. Its taste was mellow, sweet with a hint of bitterness that tickled the taste buds and brought the sweetness more to the surface. “This is wonderful what is it?” she exclaimed.

“A couple of rare beans and some sugar mashed in to a paste then hardened in to these blocks. When its dissolved in hot water it makes a pleasant drink. An herbalist in Ravensford makes it. I think hes the one to have invented it because I’ve never found it anywhere but his shop. He gets a pretty coin for a block too. Tell me more about you? You have any family here? Are you from here?” He picked up a poker and probed the fire to settle the logs that gave off a shower of sparks and pops in protest. Shadout added another split of oak to the fire and then laid the poker aside. “How have you dealt with being a Masterless submissive? Who gave you the whipping I felt when we first met?”




fill in more here

******** Two days later the collaring ritual *******


“Are you ready for this? Do you truly want this?” Lord Shadout asked as he circled the kneeling Rhafallia.

Rhafallia looked up to him. “Yes Sir, yes”

“What is it you want, Rhafallia?”

“To wear your collar. Sir.”

“What does that mean to you?” Lord Shadout said still circling her kneeling form.

Shadout lifted his fingers from Rhafallia’s forehead and smiled down at her sleeping form. Spying on her dreams was not ethical but he wanted to get to know the lady he planned to collar that day. He’d asked her last night to think it over and spying on her dreams was one way to find out her answer. If she was dreaming of it it was a good bet it was something she wanted. He got up from the seat of the healers cot and walked over to the window to look out at the accumulating snow. Three days now it had been snowing and no sign of it letting up the drifts were up to the window ledge. Shadout bristled his fur against the chill he felt for the work gang fighting to clear a path in the street with shovels. Turning from the window Shadout moved to the wood stove and opened the door to it. Finding the last nights wood had reduced itself down to coals and ashes he placed three fresh logs in propping them up to get some air flow underneath them he then placed a small bundle of kindling in the air gaps and gave it all a few puffs with the small bellows causing the fire to leap to life. He heard a sensual groan behind him and turned to see Rhafallia open her eyes and rub the sleep out of them.

“Good morning, Sir. Has the snow stopped?” She yawned and stretched.

“No, but the work gangs are working on clearing a path out front. Hopefully they will reach the bakery around the corner so we can get some fresh bread, we got enough meats and cheeses to go a while but some fresh bread would be nice. I will dig us a path out to theirs this afternoon. You will be free to go home after that if you wish.”

“I would like to stay with you if I may, Sir? I mean my house will be buried in snow and I don’t really have the food stores to last out the storm.” She explained.

“I would dig in to your house if you would like even if you stay here we are going to have to get in to your house soon to get you some fresh clothes that sweater and tights are getting a little old to look at and a bit ripe in odor. I know you didn’t plan on spending three days. You were only planning one night. Now it looks as if you are going to be staying a while longer. I would love to have you wait out the storm with me.”

“I am sorry about the odor of my clothes I can wash them when I take my bath today and dry them on the line over the stove. I’ll be fine for the couple hours that it will take them to dry as long as we keep the stove hot. I can always wrap up in my cloak if I get to chilled or snuggle up to you.” She giggled softly. “We can see if the work gangs have gotten to my street if you wish, Sir. Let me get to making breakfast, Sir. Would you like ham or bacon this morning or something different? I could make up a pot of oats too?” She asked while climbing off of the healer cot and stretching. “After breakfast I will get to taking a bath and cleaning my clothes so we can go out this afternoon and see if we can get to the bakery and my place.”

“Some oats with raisins and some bacon will do just fine. While that is cooking up I’ll go out and get a start digging down to the street. Call me when it is ready.” Shadout stood from where he was crouching by the wood stove and closed the stoves iron door. He crossed the room to give Rhafallia a hug and kiss. She crossed the room with him to the door and helped him get in to his boots and heavy cloth cloak. He picked up the shovel that was propped next to the door like a weapon ready to go to war.

Rhafallia smiled and kissed his cheek “Good luck my Lord.” she turned and headed for the pantry that lay off the work room.

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off topic: a song stolen from a friend

This is a song stolen from a friend of mine, John.  For those not fimilar with World of Warcraft it will make no sence but those that are will laugh your ass off.  I did a little minor editing (removed a dupiclate word.) I’ll also make a seperate post of my writings today.




Healer-Man (sung to the tune of Piano Man, by Billy Joel)

It’s Five o’clock on a Saturday
The Regular Crowd’s Loggin in
There’s a warlock standing next to me
Calling up the wicked blue djinn

He says, dude can you cast us some spells today
We’re going to face some sure doom
It’s dark and it’s dank, I ran it as a tank
Before the release of  of V.2

La la la, de de da
La la, de de da da da

Cast us a spell, your our healer-man
Cast us some spells tonight
We’re all in the mood for a raid today
And you keep us feelin all right.

Now Jon the Mage is a friend of mine
He makes me my armor for free
And he’s quick with a sheep or a teleport
But there’s someplace that he’d rather be
He says Aaahh, these mobs, they are killing me
As his health falls away in a flow
I’m sure I could help with the named boss
If I didn’t draw all this agro.

Oh, la la la, de de da
La la, de de da da da

Now Dahl is a top-notch Paladin
Who’s never changed builds since his first
And he’s chatting with Dunner who plays a fine hunter
And will probably do so for life.

And the Shaman is playing guild politics
As the mobs one by one respawn
Yes they’re dying to mobs to numerous
And I’m stuck resurrecting ’til dawn.


It’s a pretty small crowd for a Saturday
But our group has let me loot blue
Cause he knows it’s me that keeps ’em alive
To forget about real-life for a while
And the mobs, they sound like murlocks
And I think that I need another beer
And they run on ahead, and might wind up dead
And say man, am I glad that you’re here.

Oh, la la la, de de da
La la, de de da da da


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Back story to Shadout and Rhafallia part 3


The Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia is a work of erotica and will be tagged as such.  If you are offended by such works do not read any of the Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia posts and READ NO FARTHER.  If you do like erotica, enjoy and please comment.


Ow! Ow! Ow!” she yelped with each step to the cloak pegs.

“What is it?” Shadout asked.

“Sorry, Sir, my foot is warming up and it is starting to hurt.”

“Well go hang that up and come over to the fire and sit with you feet facing the fire and I’ll see if you did any real damage to your foot from here it looks okay but with the fur it can hide frost bite.”

Rhafallia limped to the cloak pegs and then back to the wood stove and sat pointing her feet toward it. The warmth of the stove felt good and started to dry out her fine fur. Lord Shadout leaned over and started to examine her foot. Parting the hair to look at the skin beneath he then grasped the foot and closed his eyes and she felt a pulse of mana surge through her starting at his strong hand. “Your an empath? Sir.” Rhafallia questioned.

“Yes.” He said while focusing his will to draw the wound from Rhafallia’s foot. “You got a little bit of frost bite but its not bad I can heal it in a matter of moments. In fact how does that feel now?”

Rhafallia wiggled her toes and extended and retracted her claws. “Much better now, Sir. Sir? May I ask a question?”

“You just did.” He chuckled. “Yes you may.” He laughed lightly watching her face crinkle at one of the oldest jokes in the book. Shadout picked up a tea kettle and placed it a top the stove.

“Sir, I thought empaths could not be Doms because they can’t hurt people? If they hurt some one they would lose the ‘touch’ that allows them to heal others?” Rhafallia asked

“Why would that prevent an empath from being a Dom. Being a Dom has nothing to do with being able to cause hurt and pain, being a sadist. It has to do with being able to take responsibility and care for another. Being a submissive is not just surrendering your body over to some one to do what they want with. It is giving yourself to another willingly entrusting them to responsibly care for you. It is not just to get your masochistic kicks from for that you could just go to a Top and have him or her whip the hide off of you.” Shadout replied. “I can how ever cause pain as long as I do no real damage and my submissive is willing. It is when we empaths strike in anger or hatred that we can risk our ‘touch’.”

“How is it that I’ve never seen or heard of dominate or sadistic empath?”

“There are not that many of us I don’t think and your in a pretty small town. How many members do you have in your local Dungeon group? Twenty? Most of them were at that auction. How many empaths work your guild hall?” Lord Shadout said as he got two mugs out of his satchel and placed them on a stool he pulled over between the two of them. Reaching back in to his pouch he got out two pouches. Setting one down he dug in to the other one and got out some herbs and quickly mana charged them and placed them in the mug closest to him. Tyeing and placing that pouch back in has satchel he picked up that other and fished out a small rich brown block from it. Drawing a small knife from his kilt he shaved several thin slivers of the brown block in to the other mug, peeking once to see how much he had in the mug. He put the knife back and put the block in its pouch he picked up the steaming tea kettle with a heavy towel and filled both mugs. “Let yours cool a little then stir it and it will be ready to drink. Mines got to steep for a good while.”

“Yes Sir, that was most of our Dungeon’s registry at the auction. As for our empaths guild we have four regular empaths that staff it day and night,” she said proudly, “and then we get traveling empaths on a regular basis.”

“I know about the traveling empaths you get through there. I was one of them today, by the way you have a tendency to leave your left side unguarded when you fight. That there,” he pointed to her foot, “was not the first time I healed you this day. Before this storm set in you were out hunting something, got wounded and came in to the empaths guild, where you were healed by me. What ever you hunt uses swords and spears, but I also felt an older set of wounds from a whipping. I asked about, discretely, and found out about you and the auction. I didn’t know you would be up for bid. I knew I wished to get to know you. Please don’t think I’m being to forward but your beauty struck me and I had to get to know you.”

“I was hunting goblins, Sir. I do not remember being healed by you I was healed at the guild today but I don’t think it was you I would have remembered a handsome face like yours Sir?”

“I was covered in blood and I had just healed a man that took a hard hit to the face so my face was a bit of a mess when I healed you.” He replied. “You know how empaths become bloody messes when they are working hard.”

“Sir, may I ask where it is you are from?”

“I’m from the city state of Ravensford, though from the looks of this storm I’m going to be stuck here for a little while. Fortunately I have my friends house here till spring if I need it. She is sleeping in the back room, hibernating to be more precise, she’s a sklan. Well if I’m going to be stuck here at least I have some lovely company, for one evening at least.”

“Sir, do we need to be quiet? I would hate to wake her.” Rhafallia asked in a hushed voice

“No we could go and shout in her ear and she would not wake up. That would be contingent on us being able to find her in all the sand she is buried in. Its about a ten foot deep sand pit back there thats a sklan bed. Have you never been in a sklan house before.”

“Never in to any rooms but the parlors. The sklan around here pretty much keep to themselves and don’t hire bards for much. I think its the accent they have that make them not appreciate music much, so I’ve had little opportunity to get in to a sklan house, Sir.”

“They appreciate music just don’t sing it well and a lot of bards want the audience to sing along so that would keep the sklan from hiring bards very often. Though in Ravensford we have a sklan bardess who happens to be a member of our Dungeon also.”

Rhafallia took a moment to look around the room and noticed that there was no couch or chair, just a couple low stools, one still held the steaming mugs of tea. A healers cot completed the room for furniture. One wall looked to be made almost entirely of stacked fire wood, the only break in the floor to ceiling stack was about a foot to ether side of the wood stove. A large bronze mirror adorning the wall opposite the wood stove helped break up the shadows. The healers cot was under it. A tacked up curtain blocked off one corner of the room and that wall contained two doors one open and the other closed. Through the open one Rhafallia could see a small work room with a sturdy low table and low stool. The stone floor was clean swept but showed wear and scrapes in some areas. “A sklan bardess how does she get around their accent to sing?”

“Through lots of practice I imagine, but enough about sklan, tell me about yourself and how it is that a beautiful submissive like yourself can be Masterless? Do you wish not to have a Master or is it something else?” Lord Shadout asked picking up his tea and taking a drink.

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Back story for Shadout and Rhafallia part 2


The Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia is a work of erotica and will be tagged as such.  If you are offended by such works do not read any of the Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia posts and READ NO FARTHER.  If you do like erotica, enjoy and please comment.



Rhafallia felt a hand at her face then the back of her head and the blind fold was lifted away she blinked in the bright lantern lights that were aimed at the stage. She saw the crowd for the first time tonight. A lot of familiar faces smiled up to her. She knew most of them from other Dungeon events and had played with a few of the Masters. She saw Lord Arcon, snoring lightly, passed out in the corner and she giggled softly to herself.

“Eyes Front!” The dusky voice ordered.

“Yes, Master!” She turned her head to lock eyes with the tall black and white Prydian that had issued the order. She had never seen him at any other Dungeon events. His steel grey eyes locked to hers. She studied his feline face and found it handsome and stern.

“You will call me ‘Sir.’ I have not collared you so you have not earned the right to call me ‘Master.’ Now I tire of all this bidding. I feel that it is time for a song for a break, You are a bardess, sing for us. Some thing bawdy.”

“Yes, Sir,” She paused to think of a song for she had not prepared to preform tonight, at least not in this way. “I know just the right song Sir. It is entitled ‘Fine Wine.’” A murmur rolled through the room, apparently some in the room knew the song. Rhafallia waited for quiet her eyes never leaving Lord Shadout’s. Rhafallia’s began to sing in a soft alto voice.


If you were a bottle of wine

And I could fill my cup

I would savor your flavor

Then slowly

Very slowly

Drink you up.”

She smiled sweetly twitching her long whiskers. Then her song continued.


I would let you linger upon my tongue

Delight my mouth in every way

Let my lips bathe in your moistness

Sipping very slowly on you all day.”

She licked her whiskers suggestively then continued to sing.


If you were a bottle of wine

Mellow and aged from wood

I would swirl you around in my mouth

Then slowly

Very slowly.”

As she sang this verse she let her body begin to ungulate, dipping and raising her shoulders in a sensual motion making her small breasts shake and quiver. Her arms would have been serpentining with the dance had they not been tied at the wrists. Her eyes never left Lord Shadout’s eyes as her body rose and dipped. His eyes never left hers.


Feel your juices trickle as long as I could

I would drink from you slowly

So slowly and deeply

Making your sweet flavor last

And I wouldn’t stop until the last drop

And then slowly”

Her dance continued along with her song her eyes never leaving those hypnotic eyes.


Very slowly.”

She paused momentarily and bowed her head breaking the eye contact before she sang

Lick the glass.”

Popping her head back up to meet Lord Shadout’s steely greys and licking her lips suggestively. She then purred loudly as the audience erupted in cheers, applause and whistles.

Lord Shadout smiled slightly. Rhafallia took a moment to look him over. He was a handsome white Prydian with black marking to making him look as if he were wearing a vest over a white shirt. His face was white with black tips to his ears. Lord Shadout’s lower regions were covered with a heavy leather kilt. His shoulders while strong were not the shoulders of a warrior. He wore no holy symbol or instrument to mark him as a cleric or bard. Though he could have left them home for the party. The shoulder satchel that sat near where he stood also gave no clue as to Lord Shadout’s profession

“Thank you. Come down here and kneel beside me, Rhafallia.” He said, “Rhafallia?” He said again breaking her internal questioning. “I said come here and kneel. That means now, I’m sure that these fine folks would like to get on with their auction.”

“Yes Mast… er Sir, right away.” Rhafallia made her way to the side of the small stage by the steps and was helped down them by a stagehand who then untied her wrists tossing the rope backstage. Then the same stagehand helped her to the floor from the main stage. She scampered across the taproom to next to Lord Shadout where she bowed. Then bending at the hips and knees she lowered herself til her knees dropped to the floor with a bump and her furry ass meet her heels hard. She kept her back strait during the kneeling she then laid her tail straight behind her. Placing her wrists on her thighs with her palms up. She completed the posture by laying her ears back and relaxing her face.

Shadout sat on the bench next to Rhafallia. He draped his tail over her shoulders and caressed her cheek with the tip causing her whiskers to twitch.

The auction went on but Rhafallia didn’t follow the action as she was focused on Lord Shadout and the caresses of his tail as he watched the auction. At one point she found a mug edge pressed to her lips encouraging her to drink. The liquid was warm, sweet and tangy, a spiced mulled wine. She drank deeply, encouraged by Lord Shadout’s tilt of the mug to her.

“Have you eaten recently?” Shadout asked

Rhafallia nodded her head and replied “Yes, Sir, just before the auction all the auctionees had a dinner together.”

“Good. Go and get your things we shall retire from here and go to a friends home for the rest of the evening. I tire of the noise.” Lord Shadout said.

Rhafallia stood and bowed to Lord Shadout and scampered backstage through the curtains. Once back stage she located her backpack and cloak, she opened her pack and pulled out her heavy powder blue legging and a darker blue knit sweater setting the sweater aside she slid her lithe legs in to the leggings and then pulled the loin cloth out of the belt that held it in place and tucked the cloth in to her back pack. Pulling the sweater over her head the rough wool scratched at her nipples making them stand out again. Rhafallia reached up and fluffed her hair out of the collar of the tight necked sweater. She closed her back pack and pulled it on before stepping in to her short leather boots that were under the pack. She then pulled her cloak from the peg that it hung from and draped it over her shoulders and clasped the frog at her throat. She left the back stage area out in to the taproom and found Lord Shadout now wearing a heavy cloth cloak and his shoulder satchel. He was standing at the bar counting out some coins in to tall stacks, there were four of them and he was working on a fifth as she approached.

“There is for the auction,” he then laid three more coins on the bar, “and that should cover my tab.”

“Most generously M’ Lord, thank you.” the barman said.

Lord Shadout look Rhafallia up and down then clasped the lower frogs on her cloak and turn her hood up tucking her ears in to it. “There you go. The weather is bad out there and I would not want my nights purchase to catch a chill.” He then did up his own cloak and hood and lead Rhafallia to the door. Turning to the room he called out “It was a pleasure to meet most of you!” He cast a sideways glare to the snoring Lord Arcon. “I hope to see you all again real soon and I will return the lovely Lady Rhafallia on the marrow thats providing we do not get snowed in!”

“To more snow!” was toasted in the room to great laughter.

Lord Shadout opened the door, the wind nearly pulling it from his grasp, he held it and motioned Rhafallia out in to the gray night. Following her and closing the door behind him. “Give me your hand!” He shouted to be heard above the gale. “In this blizzard I could easily lose you! My friends place is not far from here but in this we could easily get lost!”

Rhafallia reached out and felt a firm grip grasp her hand, it felt reassuring as she could just make out the dark silhouette leading her in to the stinging snow storm. She looked up for the familiar lighted globes that lit the streets and found only a faint halo of light as they neared one the next one only a hundred feet or so away was not to be seen in the blinding snow. Trudging their way through a snow drift Rhafallia wished she had taller boots on as a icy pool of water filled her left boot. “Sir? Is it much farther? I just got a boot full of water and I’ll need to dry it out before my foot freezes and we have to get me to the empaths guild for frost bite!”

“It is just around that next corner if that is Travelers Way her place is about mid block so about a quarter mile! We will warm your feet when we get there!” Lord Shadout shouted back

They pressed on against the snow one hand holding each other and the other keeping their hoods on their heads. The road ahead did turn out to be the promised Travelers Way. They crossed to the far side use the buildings there as a wind break and the drifts were shallower there. Rhafallia cursed under her breath each time her left foot squished in the soaked boot and she noticed her toes were going numb.

“There is her place across the street!” Shadout shouted and pointed causing his hood to fly back he left it down and quickened their pace across the street and up to a porch. He fished in to his pockets and came out with a key, working the lock he opened the door. “Quickly inside!” Rhafallia did as ordered. Shadout followed shaking the wet snow from his mane. “Get those wet boots off I will get the stove stoked up.” Rhafallia tossed her hood back and then undid the frogs on her cloak and shrugged it over her back pack. Looking around she found the shadow of a peg in the wall cast by the light of the wood stove Lord Shadout was blowing in to with a small bellows. Hanging her cloak on the peg she then found a low stool to sit on to get her boots off. Once she’d done that she picked up her boots and walked over to Lord Shadout setting her boots by the stove she hoped that they would be dry by morning. The fresh logs in the stove took light with help of the bellows. Rhafallia reached from behind Lord Shadout and started to undue his cloak. “Let me get that for you Sir.” When she had finished unfastening all the frogs he shrugged the heavy cloak in to her hands. She started to walk it over to the pegs when she realized her cold foot was now getting warm in that painful pins and needles kind of way.


Authors note: I dont know what is going on with the font and size.  I cut and paste this from a document I wrote last year and the font and size is the same on that document.  WordPress does not seem to have a way built in to correct this so please bear with this.  Thank you Croaker.

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Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia part 1 The auction

 In 2007 an evil friend got me started on a thing called National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo ( http://www.nanowrimo.org/ ).  The objective of it is to get a 50000 word novel written in 30 days.  It takes place every November.  Why they choose November with the Holidays coming up and happening I dont know.  I think March would work better nothing happens in March.  Anyway I failed to complete it last year (2007) but I’m going to finish the story soon.  As an insentive to complete it I’m going to start posting it here.  Dont worry I will post more Ka’Veria Dawn here to as I get it written, I just didn’t get enough written to post part 6 this week.  This story takes place in the same world as Ka’Verai Dawn and there is some character crossover but this story takes place before Shadout and Rhafallia official meet Ka’Verai.  The Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia is a work of erotica and will be tagged as such.  If you are offended by such works do not read any of the Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia posts and READ NO FARTHER.  If you do like erotica, enjoy and please comment.

Back Story for Shadout and Rhafallia

For National Novel Writing Month 2007

“It Was A Dark and Stormy Night, No Really, It Was A Dark and Stormy Night.”


“So how much am I bid for a night with this fine submissive young elven lass?” The auctioneer called out to the crowded taproom.

“ Five silver crowns” shouted the first voice. That received jeers and boos followed up with a quick female voice that said “Ten gold crowns!”

The auctioneer called back, “We have a bid of ten, do I hear a bid of fifteen?”

“Fifteen silver crowns.” The first voice drunkenly shouted.

“Lord Arcon! We are bidding in Gold crowns or higher denominations! If you can not follow the rules of the auction you will be removed.” The auctioneer reprimanded

“Oh all right but I hardly think she worth good gold but I need a wench for the night. I’ll bid fifteen GOLD crown.”

“Twenty gold crowns!” The silver voiced female bidder countered.

“Twenty Five gold crowns!” A dusky voiced male bid.

“Thirty!” The silver voice chimed in.

“Forty!” Belched the drunken Lord Arcon.

A short few moments passed then the auctioneer piped up “We have a bid of forty on the table. Please remember that the proceeds from the auction are going to a good cause, the building of a stone school house to replace the wooden one that was burnt down during the last siege by Lord Tormak’s army. These handsome Doms, Dommes and lovely submissives have graciously volunteered their time and bodies for this auction so lets raise some real coin for a good cause.”

“Seventy Five gold crowns!” The silver voice sang out to a chorus of ohhs and ahhs

“Eighty!” From the dusky voiced male.

“Too rich for that bitch. I’ll get the next one.” Lord Arcon called out.

Rhafallia heard this from behind her blind fold and cringed because she knew that she was the next submissive to be up on the block, there was a Dom up next and then it was her turn. She knew she didn’t want to spend a night under Lord Arcon’s belt. His reputation as a cruel master preceded him and he was already drunk, which was always frowned upon at Dungeon events. He some how managed to keep from being black listed entirely but was often left off the invite list to most events. Rhafallia guessed that he was on tonights list because he has a lot of money and it was for charity. Even though it was for charity she did not want to spend the night with a drunken master.

“One hundred crowns for the elven lass!” The lady bidder called out over the crowd. More cheers erupted.

The dusky voice interrupted the cheers with, “One hundred ten!”

“One hundred twenty five!” hushed the crowd.

“One hundred twenty five is the bid.” The auctioneer announced after a few moments. “Do I have a higher bid?” He waited a minute. “Going once, going twice,” a gavel cracked, “Sold for one hundred twenty five gold crown going toward the school building fund and Lady Jenavier gets a lovely evening with this beautiful elven lass.” Cheers and applause filled the room for a few minutes then died down.

“Have her brought down here to me. Leave her arms bound and blind fold on ” Lady Jenavier’s silver voice commanded. A smattering of cheers from the crowd followed the command.

“Now pay attention all you submissive ladies we have a fine Rakash Master coming up to the block now. He has offered one night of pain and pleasures to any subbie brave enough to get the winning bid. Ladies and gentleman, Master Guenther!” More applause broke out that were nearly drowned out by a feral howl and the ripping of fabric then the applause were replaced with gasps and some laughter.

Rhafallia dearly wished she could see what was happening up on stage for her imagination was running wild. Had Master Guenther ripped his pants out or just tore his shirt off, both sights would be worth seeing. Rhafallia had to be content to kneel, blind folded in the wings with her imagination.

“Master Guenther has asked that the bidding begin at twenty five gold crowns and he is going to match what ever is bid on his services!” The auctioneer announced to a great cheer then a flurry of bids “Twenty five!” “Twenty five!” “Thirty gold crowns!” “Fifty!” “Twenty five gold crowns!” “Fifty gold crowns!” “Seventy five!” “One hundred gold crowns!” “One hundred fifty crowns!”

“LADIES! Ladies, please, please, one bid at a time!” The auctioneer interrupted. “I have a bid out there of one hundred fifty, who has that?”

“I do!” Said a husky feminine voice that could only be a Rakash.

“Good, good, do I have a One hundred seventy five?”

“Yes!” screamed out a voice

“Young lady you have a collar on. Do you have your Masters permission to be bidding? No?” The auctioneer said to quickly for her to really have answered. “Someone is looking for lots of trouble I thinks? Oh you do have permission I see by your Masters gestures. Oh well, I was hoping for seeing a public punishment.”

“She may get one any way at the rate shes spending my gold!” That comment brought gales of laughter. Rhafallia could almost hear the bidders blush from where she knelt.

“Two hundred gold crowns” from the husky voiced Rakash.

“We have Two hundred.” Said the auctioneer. “Does your slave have permission to dig herself deeper in to that hole she is in, Sir?”

“Two hundred fifty! Ow Sir!” More laughter followed.

“’Ow’ is not a safe word my Love” The Masters voice retorted bringing yet more laughter at the old cliche. The crowd was in a good mood tonight.

“We got two hundred fifty gold crowns bid that means five hundred gold crows going to the school fund. Do I have more? My Lady Rakash in the back maybe?”

“:Three hundred gold crowns!” The husky voice called forward

“Five hundred gold crowns!” A new voice called out.

“Five hundred! from a late bidder.” the auctioneer called out

“Six hundred gold! Boy am I going to pay for this night.” Came from the voice of the collared young lady. Applause was breaking out after each new bid with a smattering of gasps of astonishment.

“Seven hundred and fifty gold crowns!” Came from the new bidders voice.

“Seven hundred and fifty one gold crowns!” Bid the husky voiced Rakash.

“Sounds like some one in breaking the bank for this fine specimen of Rakash dominate manhood.” the auctioneer said.

“Master Orm says I can bid one thousand!” The collared voice said

“Not all at once my sweet” The Master said he then groaned.

“Well, well we have a bid of one thousand gold crowns on the table! Do I have a higher bid, Ladies?” A few moments of silence followed “One thousand crowns going once, going twice,” there was the rap of a gavel, “Sold! To Master Orm’s lady!”

A single, “Ohh goody!” could be heard over the cheers and applause that filled the taproom.

“Quiet now. Quiet.” the auctioneer pleaded. “ Up next on the block we have a fine Prydian submissive”

Rhafallia felt a strong hand gently take each shoulder and a soft voice whisper in to her left ear, “stand and walk forward.” Guided by the hands Rhafallia stood and walked forward and was startled by a soft heavy cloth brushing across her body and face. “Just the curtain.” Was whispered in her ear.

“As you can see she is a long haired silver and white tabby. She is a Masterless submissive. She is also a skilled bardess.” The auctioneer announced to some ohhs and ahhs.

Rhafallia felt naked and exposed as all she wore was the blind fold and a tiny pale blue loin cloth and was now on in front of the crowd. The hands at her shoulders pushed a little firmer. “turn to your left and then two steps up” was whispered as she was guided, “Now three steps forward, turn to your right and kneel” was whispered and the gentle hands left her shoulders.

I now present Lady Rhafallia!” The Auctioneer announced once she was knelt and laid her tail straight behind her. She could tell the auctioneer was just to her right and the cheering crowd was in front of her. She heard an incant in the crowd and then felt a soft cool breeze from her left that caused her nipples to stiffen and stick out from under her soft fur. “Lord Calven behave yourself.” the auctioneer reprimanded in a slight giggle that was joined by the crowd. “Now lets us start the bidding at Twenty five golden crowns!”

“You have yours bid.” Came the voice of an even more drunken Lord Arcon “I’ll have thiss wenchs for my pleasuresss tonight.”

Rhafallia cringed inside

A smoky voice from Rhafallia’s left cried out. “Fifty gold crowns.”

Then the silver voiced Lady Jenavier piped in with “Seventy five gold crowns!”

Rhafallia perked an ear. I have never had a Mistress before she thought to herself

Lord Arcon bid, “one hundred!” with a pound of his fist on the table making mugs jump and clink together.

Rhafallia dropped her ear

The dusky voice bid in “One hundred twenty five!”

Lord Arcon counter bid. “One hundred ttthirty fffive!” with another pound of his fist on the table making mugs dance and spill with splashing sounds coming from right in front of Rhafallia.

“One hundred fifty gold crowns.” from the silver voice of Lady Jenavier

“It sounds like Lady Jenavier wants to have an interesting night with two submissives under her.” The auctioneer observed

“Why not?” Lady Jenavier said. “Two can be much more fun then …”

“One ssseventy five!” Lord Arcon interrupted. “I say one ssseventy five!” he belched.

The smoky voice to her left bid. “Two hundred gold crowns.”

“Two hundred fifty gold crowns.” The dusky voice bid.

“I want that wwench for my ssspanking bench and bed tttonightt. Two sseventy ff ff five!” Lord Arcon slurred.

“Three hundred gold crowns.” Lady Jenavier bid.

Lord Arcon belched and began to say, “three fif…” followed by a slide and a bump.

“Well I guess that will be the last bid we get from our drunken Lord Arcon.” the auctioneer announced. “Would someone please move him over to the corner so his snoring does not disrupt the festivities.” Rhafallia let a sigh of relief as she heard the drag and drop of the obnoxious Lord Arcon in the corner. The crowd quieted a little so as not to wake the unconscious Lord

“I’ll take his bid, three hundred fifty gold crowns.” The dusky voice chimed in.

“Four hundred gold crowns.” Trilled Lady Jenavier.

“Four fifty.” came from Rhafallia’s left.

“Four seventy five.” came the silver voice of Lady Jenavier.

“Five Hundred gold crowns” from the dusky voice.

A few moments passed then the auctioneer said. “Lady Jeravier? Lord Calven? Anyone? We have a bid of five hundred, do I have a bid of five fifty? No more bids? Five hundred going once, going twice,” the gavel rapped again. “Sold to Lord Shadout! Congratulations, Sir I think you have made a fine purchase and we have another five hundred gold crowns to build an excellent school house for the children of Maricum.”

“Lord Shadout” Rhafallia thought silently “I’ve never heard of a Lord Shadout?”

“Rhafallia! Stand!” came a dusky voiced command. “Take off her blind fold.”

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Ka’Verai Dawn part 5


*********Chapter 3*********


“Ki”Von, shes coming around again.” It was Rhafallia’s voice, Ka’Verai could not see her. Ka’Verai could feel something cold and wet dabbing her face. A sickly smell of singed hair hung in the air. She noticed that the pain was gone. She could feel a little tingling where the acid burned her but the pain was gone.

“Rhafallia is that you? Why can’t I see? Where is Shadout and Ki”Von?” A squeak in Ka’Verai’s voice showed her state of panic as she reached up and tried to pull away whatever was covering her eyes only to find nothing there. Some soft furry hands gently pulled her wrists and set them down on her belly.

“Relax, We are still here.” Ki”Von’s deep voice assured her. “Shadout is resting. The acid reacted to the spell and caught fire. You and Shadout got burned pretty bad, he’s been healing you but had to stop to heal himself. I’m sure that when he gets done healing himself that he will heal you up good as new and you’ll be able to see again.”

“FIRE? How? What caused it? Was anyone else hurt?”

“Relax. As Ki”Von said something in the acid reacted when Master Shadout cast his spell you and him got burned but no one else got hurt and Master wasn’t hurt that bad.” Rhafallia’s voice comforted Ka’Verai. The cold, wet cloth dabbed at Ka’Verai’s wounds. “Your wounds seam to have closed and are not reopening. I think the acid burned off in the fire. We’ll know for sure when Master wakes up from his nap.”

“The pain is mostly gone just some tingling and I can’t see!”

“Master will fix that I’m sure. Now try to rest. I’ll keep your scabs wet so they don’t harden and become harder for Master to remove.” The cold cloth continued its work. A soft voice began hum a gentle melody.

“I’ll check back on you in the morning.” Ki”Von declared.

Then Ka’Verai heard the thump and drag of his tail as he left the room. The humming continued and she felt very sleepy and she drifted off to sleep.

A soft furry hand was patting her cheek. “Ka’Verai, wake up.” Shadout’s voice said.

Ka’Verai opened her eyes with out thinking and there was a gray light where blackness had been when she went to sleep. The hand kept patting her cheek she reached up and made a grab at it, missing but a shadow passed through the gray light that filled her vision. “I’m awake now.”

“Good, Good. How is the eyesight? Rhafallia told me that the pain was gone.”

“I can’t see anything but a gray light.” Ka’Verai replied

“Damn. I hoped for more, well at least we got the acid under control. A little time and we will get you seeing and all the scars cleared up.” Shadout said.

Ka’Verai felt a soft hand touch her then the gentle pulse of the empaths power pull through her. This time, unlike the times when Shadout was fighting the acid, the pull was soft and almost sensual. Ka’Verai leaned in to it and sighed softly. The soft pulse settled in Ka’Verai’s chest, face and eyes. After a few minutes shapes started to emerge from the grayness in her vision. She could make out the parallel beams of the rafters and a blur she figured to be Shadout. Slowly these images became sharper but still had a fuzzy quality to them when Shadout sat back against the upright of the healers cot and blindly reached in to his satchel, feeling about a bit then coming up with a small tin. Fumbling it open he pulled out some salve from it then closed it. Holding the salve up he mana charged it, a faint blue light gathered about the salve, then he rubbed it in to his eyes.

“There, give that salve a minute to work and I’ll be able to see the work I’ve done. How is your vision?”

“A little fuzzy still.” Ka’Verai replied

“It shouldn’t be.” Shadout touched her again. “Ahh, still a little scaring left on the eyes. I’ll clear that up in a minute. Huh?!” Shadout shook his head in disbelief and rubbed his eyes to clear them. “Your scars are still there? They should be healed and gone?” He reaffirmed his empathic touch. This time the pull was aggressive and sharp. “I don’t feel them but I see them. How can this be?” He pulled again. “There is no wounds to pull but I can see them? Rhafallia!” Shadout shouted her name. Startling her out of her sleep. “Wake up. I need you to go find Master Col and get him over here now!”

Ka’Verai sat in shock listening to the panic in Shadout’s voice.

Rhafallia caught her breath, blinked a few times and then stretched her lithe figure. The blanket she had covering her fell away revealing her furry naked form. “Yes Master, right away. You think he is at home?”

“There or the guild hall. If he’s working the guild tell him to get healed up before he gets here. I need him in good shape. Send Ki”Von back with some tea water on your way out.”

“Yes Master.” Rhafallia said as she slipped in to her shift again. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. I love you Master.” Then she made her way out of the room.

(Writers note: This is the last of the stuff I have prewritten that some have read already my next post will be all new.  Also in the near future I will be posting up an adult story following how Master Shadout and Rhafallia met.  Croaker) 

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